Briard Rescue

If you are looking for a Briard Rescue or need help rehoming

Briard Rescue - ChakaWe are very fortunate with Briards that it is not very often the services of Briard Rescue are called upon. Providing of course that the Breeders have done their work properly and have explained the pros and cons of Briard ownership, they are not just the fluffy bundle of fun that many people think they are. Then hopefully they stay in their new homes without any problems.

Of course the unexpected can happen and then another home is found if all else has failed. Briards are very fond of their families and it is extremely upsetting for a Briard to leave the home they are used to.

However, they can adapt to a loving environment if given the time and care they need. The main reason for a Briard needing a new home is that it has been allowed to become too boisterous, and consequently out of control!

So if you are looking for a Briard to adopt or whether you need a Briard rehomed please get in touch with:

Briard Rescue

The British Briard Club, call Mrs Sonya Hillier - Home: 01980635404 Mobile: 07793980541 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Briard Association, call Nikki Rual of Gilcoru Briards on 01443 672089.